If you do business locally, it is likely that Google Maps listings show up in your Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

In this case, you could get value out of this video on YouTube:

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Approximate Transcript:

Hi there. This is Ashley, Miami SEO Geek. Today I’m making this video about Google maps and doing SEO for the maps section. Like you can see on the screen, when you type in a keyword, like “Miami dentists,” for example, the first thing that comes up is a Google ad. Most of the time, there’s actually more than one ad here, but as you can see there’s only ads above the fold now. So most people skip the ads and go straight to the organic rankings. Like you can see, there’s three Google maps organic rankings here. There used to actually be seven organic ranking map listings. Before you had to click, view all to see more. It was just a smaller section that really only showed their hours, phone number, and name of business.

So as Google is constantly changing, they’re taking up more space with their ads and leaving less room for more businesses to be shown here. That’s why it’s so important to be in the top of the maps section when you’re a local business, because most of the time people are looking, their eyes go straight to the reviews. And from there, they’ll click on this, probably read a couple of reviews of yours, and then go ahead and give you a call. They make it super easy for you to see their photos, your address and give you a call or even make an appointment online. So, like I said, it’s super important to be in the maps and it’s getting more and more vital every time there’s an update, just because of how much room is being taken up here for those three businesses alone. Like I said, it used to be seven. Now it’s only three and they’re taking up even more room than when it was seven here.

I’ve ranked a ton of my clients in the maps really well. With maps, depending on where you’re searching from is what your results are going to be. So let’s say I search Miami dentists in Hialeah, my results are going to be different than if I search Miami dentists in Coral Gables, for example.

This is a geo grid of one of my client’s maps rankings. You can see the point is right here, where the one is, and these are different locations in Miami. So as you go farther out, the rankings get lower, but a lot of the time you won’t even see more than number one or more than one number two on a geo grid for a map listing. So this is actually great results. Like I said, you don’t see that often, but when you are looking for an SEO company, it’s important that they know what they’re doing in terms of the map section if you’re a local business, because that section has the highest conversion. And that’s really where people’s eyes are turning to these days with the way that Google is setting up their page. It’s not just a coincidence that they’re going to the maps, that’s what Google wants the person or the viewer to go to. So if that’s what Google wants, that’s what’s going to happen.

I’m interested to see what changes they’re going to be making in the look of the maps. But the Google maps algorithm has really been the same since 2012. Since then, I’ve been getting better and better results for my clients in the maps. But one tip I can leave you with today, if you are trying to do your own SEO or just trying to get that map listing up, make sure that your website is actually ranking for the keyword at least. You don’t want to see it past page four for that keyword you’re trying to rank in the maps for. That is your website I’m talking about. So make sure you’re ranking at least before page five for that keyword in the organic traffic. And then also make sure that your name, address, and phone number on your website is the exact same as what shows up on your Google My Business page. So the map listing is also called Google My Business. If you want to go ahead and log in to check out what the backend looks like, go to business.google.com and log in there.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you’re interested in doing maps SEO, I’m always happy to give you a free SEO analysis and let you know what I can do for you and what type of results you can expect, not only in the maps, but also in the organic listings as well. Thank you for watching this and head on over to my website, miamiseogeek.com. I’ll leave it down below for a free SEO analysis. Thank you.