About Venetian Pool

Venetian Pool Miami is a scenic landmark that is nestled in the midst of lush, tropical vegetation. It is a luxurious spa and resort with a wide array of services and offerings. It has been a famous landmark for many years and attracts many visitors from all over the world to its lovely beaches. It was originally conceived as a winter retreat among palm trees by inventor-entrepreneur Henry Flagler in 1892. He had seen it on his travels to Sicily and decided he wanted to extend his empire to include this lovely spot in Florida’s new Eden. In 1910, he completed construction of The Venetian, an exclusive hotel that became the winter playground for some of America’s wealthiest families from the Northeast who tr what veiled south to enjoy the blissful weather. In 1925, it was converted into a public s transform swimming pool and became one of Florida’s most popular resort destinations in Miami.

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