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Off-Page SEO refers to the way your website is “talked about” online.

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Off-Page SEO

In order to fully explain Off Page SEO (AKA Link Building and other things), we need to briefly go way back to the 90’s…Google wasn’t the first search engine or even close to the first…At different times, Yahoo, Web Crawler and others were the most used search engines…They just looked at On Page SEO, but the results were really bad…tons of link spam, crappy sites, over optimized anchor text…Beware of Google’s Penguin Algorithm if you do any of this! Google thought they could do better…provide higher quality, less spammy, better results to its users.

Their biggest development by far was to look off the website for indicators of…digital popularity…namely, they put a lot of weight on how many and how other websites linked to your website.  One way to measure this online popularity is through the Domain Authority website metric. It turns out they were right…their search results were immediately better than every one else’s…and, amazingly, they’ve held had an advantage, technologically, over every other search engine since then!

Fast forward to today…the quantity and properties of your backlinks still have a huge effect on how well you rank.

The exact way in which they evaluate these links is far more complex today than they were in the 90’s…but, make no mistake, Off Page SEO is still a core part of Google’s algorithm today.

So, what do they look at today?

One part of the algorithm is basically a popularity contest…

…the more websites that link to you and the more popular those websites are…and the popularity 3 and 4 levels deep in your links…all matter.

Just like in high school, the more popular you are, the more influence your words and actions have…

A reasonable metric for determining your website’s online popularity is Domain Authority.

When Google’s algorithm was in its infancy, popularity was almost everything…

…and the way they determined “relevance” was absurdly rudimentary by comparison.

While their processes for determining relevance are not perfect, they are much better and it is more important today to determine where you rank.

Getting a bunch of links from a law firm websites probably won’t help, and may even hurt, the rankings of a plumbing website.

(3) Trust

Trust is intertwined with popularity & authority, but is also different in some meaningful ways…

…Basically, you can be popular with the wrong kind of crowd and that’s probably not going to help you and can definitely hurt you.

Google makes this calculation based upon the…link hop distance from highly trusted websites of your links…

…I could go on, but it gets VERY technical…they wrote a public white paper on it…


When considering your website’s SEO fundamentals, Off Page SEO is a key factor

So, medium to low quality links (in terms of all 3 areas above) probably won’t help you and can actually hurt your rankings in the search results.

High quality links that get 2 or 3 of the above down well are infinitely more valuable…infinite because ranking poorly in Google has 0 value!

Link building can be complex… because consideration needs to be made for the properties of not just the links going to your website, but the links to links…links to links to links, etc…

Furthermore, I definitely don’t recommend you buy Off Page SEO as a separate service because it connects into research & planning, on page SEO, and Local SEO.

In other words, what is correct to do with Off Page/Link building depends on what has been done and what will be done in all other areas.

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