Domain Authority

What is Domain Authority?

moz domain authorityDomain Authority (DA) is basically a measurement of your website’s overall popularity on the internet. In other words, it roughly calculates a web page’s or a website’s link juice.  DA is a significant Off Page SEO factor.

Google defines popularity in terms of how many different websites are linking to your website and how popular those websites and web pages are in Google’s eyes.

Domain authority was created many years ago by Moz.  It is not a Google metric per say…it is more like a representation of hidden Google metrics.

While domain authority is still somewhat relevant today, it is not as relevant as it used to be because Google analyzes a lot more properties for your websites’ links than they did when domain authority came out over a decade ago.

Other Link Building SEO Factors

They use, for example, link trust and link relevance as major factors now.  Anchor text is not a factor with DA and so it is not likely to tell you much about how Google’s Penguin algorithm sees your website.  Take a look at your website’s links in order to fully review all these SEO factors. They did not when DA first came out…or, at least, they had a much smaller impact on their search results.

You see, when your website reaches some thresholds of high DA, sometimes you can go on a different path of Google’s algorithm where they give you bonuses or ignore potential penalty signals…

…and that’s a very good thing.

This gives massive, super high authority sites & businesses a big advantage.

However, DA sometimes can misrepresent a website’s overall power if the website was sent a lot of spammy links.