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On-Page SEO

On page SEO has to do with everything that you can do on your website.

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On-Page SEO

  AOn page SEO has to do with everything that you can do on your website…

In my opinion, it is the simplest part of SEO…largely because you have complete control (presumably) of your website.

It is also simple because there’s only a handful of technical SEO factors that are about 99% of what matters 99% of the time…

Your domain name, for example, has a huge impact on what you rank for…

…but I don’t recommend using an exact keyword for your domain.

Also, you don’t want it to be bland and non-descript with no parts of any keyword.

Think about it…you only get 1 domain with limited space, so Google takes it very seriously.

Improving your domain name, moving your website, and 301 redirecting properly (usually much simpler process than a client expects) is the single biggest, most cost effective SEO action for a lot of businesses.

The Titles (and other Meta Tags), URLs, H tags, and interlinking of all the pages on your website will matter as well.

…and that’s about it!

Yeah, there are some special circumstances where there’s a threshold you’re meeting or not meeting in some other area that is holding you back…

…but the above represents the On Page SEO fundamentals: domain, titles, URLs, H tags, and interlinking. Another newer part of On Page SEO is schema.

An additional important consideration here is that On Page integrates with all core parts of SEO…Local SEO, Off Page SEO, and Engagement SEO.

Create engaging content will be helpful from an Engagement standpoint (not really On Page SEO by my definition)…

Video is most engaging form of content…even short videos can really improve your engagement metrics.

Keeping a visitor on your site for an extra 30 seconds is great…Google will reward your website with better rankings.

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