SEO Meta Tags — What Are They? How Important Are They?

There are a 4 different Meta Tag types that you can use on a web page for your website (On Page SEO)…

…but one of them matters far more than the rest…

First, and foremost in terms of Google ranking importance, is the Title Tag.

You only get 1 Title Tag per page and there’s a limit of 60 characters per title tag, so Google puts a lot of ranking & SEO relevance weight on your Title Tag.

You can find a page’s title tag by running your mouse over the browser tab:

…or by viewing the page source and searching for “<title>” and “</title>”  What is between these 2 tags is the page title:

Second in SEO Ranking importance is, well, no other Meta Tag

Huh?  What does that mean?

Well, the Title tag is so much more important than the other meta tags that there’s nobody in 2nd place!

The Other Meta Tags

The 3 other meta tags are:

1) Meta Keywords

Google stopped using the Meta Keywords a looooooooong time ago for anything, so these don’t matter anymore.  I don’t recommend you spend another second thinking about them.

2) Meta Description

Officially, Google stopped using the Meta Description a long time ago as well, but, it can still have some effect on rankings in a roundabout sort of way.

Sometimes Google will use your Meta Description in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and, therefore, it can affect your Click Through Rate (CTR) from the search engines…

…and CTR is definitely a ranking factor.

3) Meta Robots

This tells Google’s crawler bot (and all other crawlers) what to do with this page.

Basically, this doesn’t matter, until it doesn’t.

I’ve had weird cases where a client made changes to a site and somehow the “noindex” meta robot tag was slipped in…

…telling Google to not show this page in its search results!!

But, most of the time this is setup right and everything is fine…

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