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Which SEO Services
Work the Best?

On-Page and Off-Page SEO. These separate buckets encompass different techniques that all work together to get better results and a higher ROI from your marketing.

Custom Strategies Tailored to
Your Business

Before all else, the SEO services you use for your business should be customized to your business. No two companies have the same opportunities online, and you’d be doing your business a disservice to get a cookie-cutter SEO plan that won’t give you any return. Through countless analyses, I have found the companies with the highest value online have used custom strategies for their growth in the past.
Business niche is an important variable as well. Some companies will match very well with certain SEO techniques, while others using the same method don’t see any return. The methods that work best for your business are determined in our SEO analysis, and from there we can customize an SEO plan tailored to your business’s needs.
What I see most SEO companies doing is not having solid research and planning processes, which is where your best opportunities, targets, and return on investment tactics are determined. Creating a long-term plan congruent with the business owner’s goals is what sets me apart from the rest while retrieving a significant ROI for the business!

miami seo geek

On-Page SEO

Web design is not just for looks.
Even though a visually-appealing site is vital, this factor alone will not get you on Google.
Google does, however, take into consideration how long visitors are on your site for, and exactly what they are doing on there to begin with.
The longer people stay on your site, the more they like it in Google’s eyes.
If people are interested in the content on your site, chances are it’s relevant to what they went to Google to find in the first place.
This is a necessary part of On-Page SEO because your visitors are letting Google know that the information you provide is accurate, relevant, and worth their time. Now, do you think Google will consider that factor?
If you guessed yes, you’re right. Now and into the future, Engagement SEO will get more and more important in the eyes of search engines, so having that informative copy and relevant information is more vital than ever.
Along with the engagement factor, On-Page SEO is also connected to what information you give to search engines. Titles, content, format, keywords, links, videos, and other factors play an important role and work together to tell a story of what your site is about.
This reigns true for both the search engines and the actual users. If your site is relevant to the topic at hand, it will be a better experience for both visitors and search engines.
The best part of On-Page search engine optimization is that it’s very simple to complete and doesn’t need constant updating!
Because of this On-Page services are usually the entirety of what you get when you work with SEO companies. I use On-Page as a foundation and move from here on to more powerful tactics that make the difference!
Quality content is relevant, which in turn increases engagement and time spent on-page by your target market. Informational videos also play a big role in high-quality content, and are a great avenue you can use to give information to your visitors.
Optimization factors include keywords placed in the right places and the correct amount of times. Keyword stuffing is not good for connecting with your visitors, nor is it a good look in Google’s eyes.
When I come onto a site that has videos, it gives me an “in” to connect with the website owner while getting to know them and their business easier.
Videos are great for SEO as it improves user experience and increases the time they will spend on your site. Not only are videos an A+ for On Page SEO, it also is an Off Page factor too that attracts new links from other entities that want to use your video for their own purposes.
Don’t feel that your video needs to be perfect before you share it with the world. Hassle-free, inexpensive videos are available to be made by anyone!
Aside from videos, the next best content style is pictures.
Although people love photos, A small part of Google’s algorithm makes it tricky to use them properly on your site. Using images incorrectly while also having low metrics is a recipe for disaster. Luckily I know how to use them correctly and make them an asset rather than a downfall!
One of the most overlooked SEO tactics on your site is correct linking structures. Being able to browse a website smoothly and easily is, once again, great for both the visitors and Google to be able to tell what your site is about and how to get around it, while finding the information you want. Clear navigation on every page and categories that all of your content fits into creates an easy navigation route which is not a concern for the users because they don’t even have to think about it if done correctly.
Above we talked about the basic SEO techniques that usually encompass most peoples’ SEO knowledge and the bulk of what you’ll get from most SEO companies. Advanced techniques needed for better results include semantics, website provisions, references, and block content optimization to rank faster and easier.

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miami seo geek

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO refers to the way your website is “talked about” online. The main way Off-Page search engine optimization presents itself is in the form of links pointing to your website. You won’t get much out of SEO without Off-Page tactics- the investment you put into On-Page won’t do you justice without the strong pull from Off-Page.
High-quality Links
Not all links are the same. Relevant, high-quality links will give you a much different result than the links you will usually get from working with an SEO company. Few and far between will you find quality links which makes them even more valuable. Knowing the right techniques to curate a diverse link profile is one of the many techniques that set me and the results I get apart from the other SEO experts out there.
Anchor Text-ing
Over-optimization? Don’t know her.
The last thing you want to do is over-optimize your site and stuff it with keyword-heavy anchor texts. Incorporate your brand name, URLs, click heres, and more into your anchor text profile for no penalties or slaps on the hand from the Internet police. Depending on who you ask, natural is always better.
Link Timing
Link building is an art. The timing of it is just one of the many important, potentially-deadly factors you need to be educated on. How long do you think it takes before other websites online start noticing newcomers in their niche? Longer than you might think. Natural timing is the standard we want to shoot for and anything else is not going to be a service to your business.